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Lungwort Tea Herbal Infusion Pulmonaria - Value pack (120g) - THE PRODUCT CENTER PLUS

Nuestra Salud

Lungwort Tea Herbal Infusion Pulmonaria - Value pack (120g)

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Lungwort - Pulmonaria Herbal Infusion Tea Value pack (120g)

NS Nuestra Salud

Lungwort is indigenous to the Andean mountain regions of Peru and Chile and is recognized for its warm cinnamon like scent and violet blue flowers.  This powerful herbal infusion is traditionally used to gently soothe bronchial irritation and naturally support respiratory health.

  • helpful against bronchial disorders and sore throat.
  • help against bacteria responsible for chest infections.
  • take lungwort to treat breathing conditions
  • Lungwort is also usedin cough medicines

Other names: Common Lungwort, Our Lady’s Milk Drops, Spotted Lungwort, Oak Lungs, Sage of Jerusalem, Lungenkraut, Herbe aux Poumons, Spotted dog, Pulmonariae Herba, Bethlehem Sage etc


Pulmonaria – Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis)


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